Sushi Fusion in Fiumicino

Our cuisine changes gear, embracing new challenges with the same “mantra” as always: always and only fresh materials of the highest quality!

Each dish derives from the perfect balance of Japanese cuisine with Brazilian elements, style and culture. Our goal is to become a focal point for Fiumicino sushi fusion. A special destination for a new and light lunch or dinner. Goodness and delicacy are the characteristics of our dishes that, with the refined taste of sushi, are ideal for those looking for original emotions and pleasures for the palate.


sushi terihaki ristorante Fiumicino pesce fresco Il Moro
sushi ristorante di pesce migliore fiumicino

Brazilian Nippo Sushi in Fiumicino

Can’t wait to try the different variations of Sushi in Fiumicino?

No problem! Moro has a Nippo-Brazilian sushi menu available, in which with a perfect combination, Japanese tradition has been added to Brazilian Cuisine. 

Oriental cuisine has always been considered among the healthiest of all. A mix of geniuses of flavors are the result of a millenary tradition. 

If you want to range between the various specialties and have been looking for the best sushi in Rome for a long time, you have to try the best Sushi Fusion in Fiumicino!

Some of our Dishes

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